With this new generation of mechatronic fittings, we are pleased do offer the art of automation for the Glasbox WS10 CV aluminum window.

The concealed motor has the following advantages:

  • 100 % concealed motor and gear. Every part is installed at the factory, so that only a low voltage wire needs to be connected.
  • The motor is concealed in the small window frame and doesn’t sit on top of the frame. Service can be done without any damage to the building.
  • The concealed motor is fabricated by Schüco®
  • The window can be operated via
    • Via a remote controlled window handle, that also acts as a standard handle to open and close the window. Simply push the button and a radio signal is sent to the window with the concealed motor.
      (Picture 2)
    • Via a remote control
      (Picture 1)
    • Via a wall switch
    • Via communication modules such as tablets or smartphones
  • The fittings use multiple locking points for increased burglar resistance.
  • The function can be hooked up to the home automation system and can be set up with wind, rain and climate sensors.
Picture 1
Picture 2