The WS100 window system is specially designed to be used in curtain wall openings. The window can be outfitted as a parallel opening or projected top hung window.

The WS 100 offers innumerable design options and can be incorporated into the Glasbox CW2.0 and CW1.5 curtain wall. The window can also be outfitted with the motorized concealed motor.

Benefits of the WS 100:

  • Efficient ventilation with the thermally insulated Glasbox WS100.
  • Large all-round openings for the best possible ventilation. Up to 250KG panel weights.
  • Concealed motorized electric motors can be used for easy opening and larger window sizes. Sizes of 4’ – 3” wide x 11’ – 10” tall [1300mm x 3600mm] or 7’ – 2” wide x 8’ – 2” tall [2200mm x 2500mm] are possible.
  • Double pane glass and triple pane glass can be used from 28mm – 52m overall thickness.
  • The window system can be seamlessly integrated without adversely affecting façade geometry by using the WS100 SG without aluminum frame on the exterior.