Our CW50 curtain wall system is the perfect choice if you are seeking a sleek and narrow window frame but do not want to have the aluminum look on the interior of the house.  This is a great product for large glass surfaces where both wind load structure and slim profiles are necessary.

We offer a variety of different wood species. Offered is a 3/4″ wide stick laminated structure (Picture 1) for a unique look. For a cleaner look we offer a multiplex construction (Picture 2) with a custom wood veneer. Using a veneer the overall look will be very consistent.

  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2

Features basic system

  • System widths 50, 56, 76, and 96mm.
  • All profiles can be used as well for mullions as for transoms.
  • Maximal energy saving by variable thermal insulation with insultaing block options up to curtain-wall-eq-1, including screw influence.
  • Vertical curtain wall.
  • Infill thickness from 6 to 64mm.
  • Dissipating for very high glass weights up to 600kg.
  • Construction as polygon curtain wall up to 45(deg) with system accessories.
  • Two types of aluminium base profiles to screwing: With or without positioning food in the area of the timber structural profile.
  • Solid timber connector technology in various options.
  • Entire imposed load and load transmission tested.
  • Easy and quick screwing of base profiles also with magazine screw driver possible.
  • Safe fixation of all construction elements in the persistant aluminum screw channel.
  • Avoiding the use of components lasting from the outside to the timber construction.
  • Integrated drainage at the continoius gasket in three levels.
  • Extensive system accessories.

Structural Glazing SG2

  • System widths 50 of 56mm.
  • Glazing system for optical exclusive SG-curtain wall.
  • Maximum thermal insulation by special insulating block SG.
  • Simple and economic processing.
  • Without visible physcial protections up to 8 m assembly height.

Burglar proof curtain wall WK2/WK3

  • System widths 50, 56, and 76mm.
  • Resistance class WK2 and WK3 permitted.
  • Simple processing.
  • Identical technology to the basic system.