Our entry doors are produced with our clients in mind. All doors are completely custom made and exceed the owner’s expectations. Doors with a stile and rail construction have a standard thickness 2 ¾” up to 4”. Our doors are constructed with engineered solid core to ensure maximum stability.

We offer different types of 3 dimensional adjustable hinges. We use only the best European locks for our doors. The multi-point lock (Picture 2) with high security keys is the best in its class. Our clients can rest assured that the multi-point lock is one of the safest locks on the market. It locks in five places up to three times. All keys are of the highest security and can only be replaced by the lock manufacture. All our clients receive a client card with the delivery of the door; this key is required when the high security keys need to be replaced. For all of our exterior doors we use a double magnet seal threshold (Picture 1). This threshold is very suitable when energy savings are concerned.

Benefits of the magnet seal threshold are:

  • When the door is closed  two magnets are pulled up for an air tight and water tight seal
  • The threshold is level with the floor which is suitable for wheelchairs
  • There is no mechanism which means no wear and tear
  • No maintenance
  • The magnet never stops working
  • Thermally broken
  • Integrated weep holes for water drainage