The wide range of surface finishing processes currently available for metal surfaces, combined with material requirements and their implications for design options in terms of surface structure and color, has led to an ever-increasing demand for expert advice. This demand is amply met by Glasbox internal and external services. Surface finishing are carried out only by our carefully selected partner companies.

The following finishes are available:

  • Powder coating in accordance with RAL color patterns.
  • Pigment effects and metallic pigments to highly weather resistant quality like IGP91
  • Anodised colors in 20MY or 25MY quality.
  • Adjustment of glosses and surface finishes with various textures and effects
  • Duaflon® wet coating-based dirt resistant finish:

Duraflon® is a tried and tested single layer wet paint coating based on fluoropolymers with a wide range of colors (RAL incl. metallic, etc) and different levels of sheen. Based on extremely stable fluoropolymers, Duraflon® is designed to provide maximum stability with regard to UV exposure, emissions and the weather. The reduced roughness of wet paints combined with improved dirt resistant properties leads to reduced dirt and easier cleaning while maintaining their long value.  (Picture 1) 

Inox Optic is a stainless steel look for aluminum –  combining a high quality, whiny steel appearance with the fabrication advantages of aluminum.  A high quality, brushed finish on the main visible surfaces of the profiles is combined with the longevity, durability and attractive appearance of the aluminum oxide anodic coating.  (Picture 2)

Picture 1
Picture 2